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... Developing Speech Technology for African Languages!

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Developing Speech-Tech for African Languages

Kaelekae (PTY) Ltd is a Botswana-based company that develops speech technology for African languages, to facilitate their inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The company markets software and hardware products targeting speakers of African languages.


    Our mission is to develop software for speech recognition and speech synthesis of African languages; And to implement speech-tech for African languages on ubiquitous gadgets such as smartphones and on popular AI implementations, such robotics.


    Ultimately, Kaelekae will be a market leader in developing cutting-edge speech technology for African languages.


    We believe in the unlimited capacity of the human mind, and that whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can realize. Our approach to any problem, therefore, is that there are unlimited ways of effectively solving it. And our commitment is to ensure superiority and greatness in whatever service we offer, and whatever product we produce.