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Today we're opening Mobbo up for everyone to tryout, with limited functionality! It is an exciting time for all of us at Mobbo!

This follows over 13 months of hard work and enormous creativity by the Mobbo team, as we sought to come up with the best model of a next generation social networking service. Today also marks the unveiling of our new brand as Mobbo; a transition from the kMobic brand that you have known us by, for the past three years. Our key motivation for initiating another pivot 13 months ago, was the realization that our approach to online social networking, albeit with more emphasis on local, was no different from what others were doing. It was evident that we were not going to grow at a big scale, and hence defeating our passion to build a service that could offer the "masses" a new social experience. We therefore narrowed our approach by identifying a problem that has not been adequately solved, and tackled it head-on, taking into account our experience in eCommerce and location-based services from the previous two years.

To that effect, we figured out that there is minimal integration of social networking in leading crowdfunding and other crowdfinance services. As such, the convergence of a social network and a crowdfinance service was one area less explored. We also figured out that the advent of online social networking has created opportunities for brands to attract large numbers of followers, while individuals can 'add' thousands of other members as personal friends. However, how users and brands share with, manage, and control communication to and from these large 'personal' networks has become a challenge. And that, the challenge is exacerbated further by having separate massaging interfaces for communication channels like chat, inbox messaging, status update, etc, as it currently obtains in leading social networking services We undertook extensive research, as we got started, the findings of which were presented at a conference.

I have the privillage to introduce Mobbo to you, as a social network for crowdfinance. The service aims to connect like-minded people, enabling them to share and achieve together. Mobbo is an attempt to build a social networking service that is completely free of sponsored advertisements. It is our belief that sponsored advertisiments compromise the quality of service that today's users of social networking services demand. Such advertisements sometimes even distract users, more especially if they are out of context from the current activity and intention of the user. In this first blog post, I'd like to thank the Botswana Innovation Hub for their long-standing support for our vision and dream. We are grateful for their incubation services, which have allowed us to bootstrap our venture while doing the few experiments that we have done so far. We are also grateful to the government of Botswana which is paying salaries for three of our team members for the next two years, through the National Internship Programme.

It is also important to note that we are currently making arrangements to shift to Silicon Valley, as we believe that working in a competitive environment will get the best out of us. The Mobbo team is passionate about building a great product that offers users an improved social networking experience. Now that we have formally switched to, the kMobic App has been shut down as per our previous notice to users. The kMobic website will also be shut down in the coming days as per a similar notice. Users of the kMobic App and website can logon to Mobbo using their old credentials. However, some old data will not be accessible in Mobbo. In the near future, we'll put up a link where you can login and download all your kMobic data. Affected users will be notified by email. Happy Mobbing Everyone.....!

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