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Kaelekae signs a short-term contract with BTC

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Date: April 17, 2012

SOURCE: Mmegi Newspaper -

Kaelekae has signed a short term contract with Botswana Telecommunications Corporation for its content delivery cellphone app. With this platform, content providers can publish content on cellphone users, companies can advertise on cellphones through the Cellphone Advertiser, and end-users can access almost any content from the comfort of their cellular phones. The two companies' contract was sealed last week and will last for six months.

The pilot arrangement has been signed to pave way for a substantive contract.

BeMOBILE and the Botswana Telecommunications group at large have expressed interest in entering into a long-term partnership with Kaelekae (Pty) Ltd on the kMobic cellphone platform. BeMOBILE has committed resources to support the partnership. According to information from the two companies, the initial interfacing of kMobic and beMOBILE infrastructure has been done and interfacing for more is ongoing. BeMOBILE subscribers have already received SMS messages on how to access kMobic on their phones.

More SMS messages are continuously being sent to beMOBILE subscribers and subscribers of other networks as part of services provided by kMobic/beMOBILE. The kMobic services are not exclusive to beMOBILe subscribers, therefore, users of other networks can also enjoy the convenience of kMobic services. Speaking at the signing ceremony, the CEO and Founder of Kaelekae, Mpho Setuke reflected that when they started three years ago, it was not easy to introduce a new technology in the country. "We've faced challenges, experienced setbacks, and even contemplated relocating to South Africa. But the last twelve months have seen our fortunes change," Setuke said. "We have seen companies and organisations make proposals to partner with us and have already made a significant clientele. It is with pride and elation that we announce the signing of a partnership contract with beMOBILE.

"I wish to point out that though we had options as other players in the industry had made significant partnership offers, we found the offer made by beMOBILE to be the best, and we are determined that beMOBILE is in a better position to accelerate the market penetration of a fast-moving technology product like the kMobic platform. "Setuke said as part of their partnership, beMOBILE has availed resources and opened its infrastructure to interface. He added that they are actively involved in further developing the kMobic platform. Delivering a keynote address, BOCCIM official, Neo Nwako, said since the government is working hard to diversify the economy, the country stands to benefit greatly from technologies that make use of cellular phones. "While people in developed societies can turn to desktop computers for accessing web-based services such as online social networking, school examination results, classified adverts, news updates, chatting, weather (reports) and the like, in Botswana, few people own desk top computers," Nwako said.

"But almost everyone owns a cellular phone. Hence Kaelekae (Pty) Ltd and beMOBILE, to have agreed to partner to provide web-based services to cellphone users in Botswana, is a milestone on its own. "This partnership which is intended to establish kMobic cellphone platform as the market leader that will make the lives of Batswana easier, and will offer benefits of the Internet to the people without any need for them to have access to computers." He said the ability to access examination results on cellphones makes kMobic ideal for young people. "Struggling to find a house to rent or find a car to buy will surely be a thing of the past," he noted. "Most importantly, the kMobic platform has incorporated the BTC Telephone Directory, which in itself is a major step in improving access to information. "The export potential in this platform gives up hope that will put Botswana on the international map and our tourism industry stands to benefit greatly." Nwako said on realising the value that kMobic cellphone platform can add to the local economy, many companies and organisations have expressed interest in partnering with Kaelekae on the kMobic project. "Today we are here announcing that Kaelekae has found beMOBILE to be the best partner with the ability to provide the infrastructure and resources required to successfully take kMobic to the next level," he said.

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